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2018 White Elephant Christmas Party
November 30
Congregation members were invited to a White Elephant Christmas Party at the pastors house. About 50 members of all ages enjoyed good food, company and some good laughs at the uniqueness of some of the gifts.

Apple Tree 2018
An abundance of fruit this year. The apples were enjoyed by members and friends.

Morning Moon 2018
The morning moon in the west just past the cross on the church. August 2018

Kitchen Counter Remodel 2018
Replacement of old kitchen counter and sinks to stainless steel. August 2018

Storm Clouds 2018
Early morning storm clouds - July 2018

80 Plus Birthday Party 2017
Celebrating the birthdays of our members who are 80 years old and older. 

Karen Service April 2017
Karen Service on April 9, 2017. Five Karen children were baptized at this service.