Our Mission/What We Believe

  Our Mission/What We Believe  


Compelled by Christ's love, St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church exists to grow in the Word and go with the Word.

1.  Give people a means of growing in the faith and its use, by providing a variety of experiences for educating and equipping them to live as Christians

2.  Encourage people to go and share the Gospel in personal contacts and mission endeavors at home and abroad with those who do not know Jesus.


What We Believe:

Since its inception, St. James has been a confessional Lutheran Church. This means that we subcribe to and base our teachings on the 9 traditional confessions of the Lutheran Church as gathered together in the Book of Concord published in 1580. These historical confessions provide a foundation for our unity of faith in the message of the Holy Bible.

St. James has chosen to affiliate with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. This affiliation with like-minded confessional congregations throughout the United States and Canada allows St. James to be a partner in a world-wide Gospel ministry and accomplish things a single congregation could not do on its own.

Remembering that a church is primarly people and not a building, location or affiliation, the congregation encourages people to grow in faith with a three part ministry focus.

  • First, we attempt to connect people to God through meaningful worship and Bible study.
  • From our connection to God in worship, we seek to connect God's people to one another through a commitment to numerous and ever changing small groups.
  • From a connection to God and to one another, we encourage people to connect personally to the broader culture with their individual gifts, talents and the witness of their lives.

St. James is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).  WELS is a Lutheran church body made up of 400,000 members from all over the world.